January 19, 2021

Nanol Technologies expands in Turkey and Middle East through partnership with Turna Solution Group.

Nanol Technologies expands in Turkey and Middle East through partnership with Turna Solution Group.
P R E S S R E L E A S E January 18, 2021
Nanol Technologies – the innovative lubricant additive company has taken one more step in its expansion together with its partner Turna Solution Group based in Turkey to expand into the Middle East.

Nanol Technologies proudly presents TURNA SOLUTION GROUP as a new distributor and partner. We are convinced that there is a large potential for innovative lubricants in the region and it is the greatest pleasure that Nanol will operate with CEO Farzad Jalilzadeh at Turna Solution Group and his team to make a difference in the markets. Nanol is expanding globally though new partners and distributors. Sustainability is Nanol’s top priority which we achieve with improved fuel economy coupled with lowering costs of maintenance. The Industry needs and requires these attributes for all existing combustions engines (both petrol and diesel engines) in order to reduce emissions to fight global warming and Nanol is a patented pivotal product ready for the global markets.

– “We are confident that this new co-operation will bring Nanol and Turna success in the Turkish and Middle East markets, including exports to its neighbouring countries. Turkey and the Middle East, and the neighbouring region represent a huge potential for the use of our technology in finding environmentally friendly solutions and to grow our business.” – Tanja Ilic, Managing Director Nanol Technologies.

– “We are very proud to represent Nanol in our region and to expand into the Middle East with the innovative lubricant – We signed because we need to work with sustainable products and Nanol is one of them and it will contribute to business growth and expansion. The aim is to target primarily marine, and transportation sector as well as local lubricant producers says Mr Jalilzadeh “

Turna Solution Group is the official Partner and Distributor of Nanol® Products in Turkey and the Middle East, and together we look forward to broadening our business in the region and beyond.

About Nanol Technologies: Nanol Technologies is a Swedish-Finnish Company founded in 2010; that produces an innovative patented additive solution. It increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, extends equipment lifetimes, reduces emissions, and mitigates hydrogen embrittlement. These performance benefits have been proven and demonstrated in extensive field tests. Additionally, a wide range of third-party laboratory, rigg and engine tests have been carried out with Nanol® to support the performance claims. Nanol is acknowledged as a #1000 Solution company for the future. Contact: Tanja Ilic, tanja.ilic@nanol.eu www.nanol.eu

About Turna Solution Group: At Turna Solutions, we help improve performance in life and business by relying on innovative solutions and high-quality products. The extremely knowledgeable team at Turna are 100% focused on high performance services. we are determined to give you the best customer service experience from start to finish. All of our products and solutions have a single objective – to ensure that your business achieve maximum efficiency. Contact: Add: No.43, B Block, Route İstanbul Residence, Atakoy, E-5, Bakirkoy, İstanbul, Turkey. farzad@turnasol.co info@turnasol.co www.turnasol.co Farzad Jalilzadeh- CEO

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