The Nanol offering includes two different products for use in heavy-duty marine and power diesel engines, with new rollouts planned for other markets such as industrial applications, heavy vehicles, trains and automotive.

Nanol® Lubricant Additive [100.0] (MSDS .pdf)

A lubricant additive component to be used in the formulation and manufacture of lubricant oils and greases by industrial partners. Main application areas are combustion engines and industrial equipment. Supplied as 100% Nanol additive, to be blended by the partner before use.

Nanol® M [10.0-T] (MSDS .pdf)

A stand-alone ready-to-use additive for end customers, used with fully formulated common lubricants in large and small combustion engines. Supplied as 10% Nanol additive to 90% of base oil, to be added at a 3% ratio to the oil volume.

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