NEWS: Nanol raises MEUR 1.3 in new funding and appoints new managing director

Nanol has successfully closed a new share issue, which generated 1.3 million euros in new capital. Forty per cent of the funding came from existing investors, whereas the rest came from new, mainly Swedish, investors.

“Raising the capital was easier than we thought, which shows that there is a strong belief in the company as well as our product,” says Nanol founder Johan von Knorring.

The money will be used mainly for strengthening sales and for rolling out the Nanol additive on the international market.

In conjunction with the share issue, Nanol Technologies appointed Jerker Gräsbeck as the new Managing Director. Gräsbeck joined Nanol in autumn 2017, originally as Vice President, Marketing and Sales.

From now on Nanol founder and former Managing Director Johan von Knorring will have the title CTO, which means he can fully concentrate on the area closest to his heart, i.e. business and product development.