New market partner in Bangladesh

We are delighted to inform you that, with the contribution of iqra Power Ltd. Nanol has opened a new front in the “War on Friction” in Bangladesh. The aim is to target primarily the Power-generation sector, in the next steps also the Automotive and Marine-businesses.

The Chairman of iqra Power Ltd. Mr. AMM Morshed with 35 years of vast experience in the Power ad Marine Sectors, he will, with his experienced and skilled teams, be the man in charge in Bangladesh.

iqra Power Ltd. is the official Agent and Distributor of Nanol® Products in Bangladesh and together we look forward to broadening our business in Bangladesh and beyond.

We are confident that this new co-operation will bring us success on the Bangladeshi market, including export to its neighboring countries. Bangladesh, and the neighboring region represents a huge potential for the use of our technology in finding environmentally friendly solutions.  - Jerker Gräsbeck

AMM Morshed
iqra Power Ltd.

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