Engie Innovation award

Nanotechnology start-up company Nanol Technologies awarded on Engie’s Innovation contest.
Nanol additive in test phase in the biggest coal plant of South America.


Helsinki, Finland – 10 June 2016
Finnish nanotechnology company Nanol Technologies, specialised in dual-function nano additive for lubricants, has entered the Brazilian market via Engie’s Power plant.

Nanol Technologies was elected one of the five winners of the ENGIE Brazil Innovation Award 2015 under the theme: Technologies and Smart Energy Management.
The Innovation Awards, which is an in-house event dating back more than 20 years, but since last year, the edition was opened to the public for the first time in twenty countries. The winners of the contest have a chance to get their innovative product to be incorporated into the business of the Engie’s Company.

image3Nanol additive for lubricants is being tested since May 2016 in the biggest coal power plant of South America called Jorge Lacerda Complex situated in the town of Capivari de Baixo in the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. The power plant belongs to ENGIE Tractebel Energia, which is the largest private sector generator of electric energy in Brazil.

Nanol is an innovative lubricant additive that protects against wear and reduces friction in engines and other mechanical equipment. It utilises advanced nanotechnology and contains active copper dispersed in reversed micelles as a stable colloid.

Johan von Knorring, Founder and CEO, Nanol Technologies commented:
“Nanol is designed for use in both high performance oil and grease based lubricants. The technology is based on more than 30 years of fundamental research work and patent applications have been filed to cover the novel technology. While Nanol brings significant savings to our customers, we are very proud that we can help to save the environment by reducing emissions.”

Luiz Felippe, Maintenance Engineering Manager:
“We found here a great opportunity to test Nanol’s additive in our unit Jorge Lacerda which have coal mills with speed reducers that work under severe stress, called Mitchel axial bearings. At the end of the test we also expect to reduce the temperature of this equipment and have an increase in these equipment reliability and availability, thus extending its lifetime. Obviously, we will try to extend this experiment to other areas of the Company to our other plants, which also have equipment under severe stress in the lubrication systems. There is also an opportunity to test this innovative product in our wind farms, specifically in the wind generators main bearings and gearboxes.”

About Tractebel ENGIE

ENGIE has been present in Brazil since 1957. The Group has a significant presence in Brazil, through its activities in the energy sector, also having an equally strong position in the engineering and environmental sectors.
Through its controlled company, ENGIE Tractebel Energia, is the largest private sector generator of electric energy in the country. Its installed capacity amounts to 7,044 MW with a total of 28 plants throughout Brazil. Its installed capacity amounts to 7,044 MW with a total of 28 plants throughout Brazil.

For more information, visit http://www.tractebelenergia.com.br/wps/portal/internet/en/

About the Innovation week ENGIE

“Innovation Week” offers a unique opportunity to discover the full range of ENGIE innovations developed with partners (start-ups, entrepreneurs, customers, etc.) as well as occasions to discuss solutions with inventors and innovators that will be transforming the energy universe and, in particular, consumers’ experience. Calls for projects, pitch sessions, lectures and contests will be organized in 23 countries and on every continent.

http://openinnovation-engie.com/en/innovationweek/innovation-day-brazil/973 (First edition of Innovation week in Brazil)

About Nanol

Nanol Technologies Ltd was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. As pioneers in lubrication technology, its mission is to provide solutions that enable reduction of fuel and oil consumption, together with prolongation of key engine and machine component lifetimes. Nanol’s innovative and patent protected lubricant additive delivers immediate economic benefits to operators of combustion engines and industrial machinery.

For more information visit http://local.nanol.eu/

Johan von Knorring
Nanol Technologies Ltd, CEO
T: +358 400 149 142
E: johan.vonknorring@nanol.eu