The customers have found that the fuel consumption in the engines tested with Nanol® has reduced by 3-5 % on average. In addition, analyses of the used oils have shown lower levels of wear metals in the oil. It was also found that maintenance intervals could be extended. Subsequent engine inspections demonstrated superior engine cleanliness and overall condition. This shows that further savings in operational expenses can be achieved. We are confident that Nanol® is a product which will deliver major benefits to most ship owners. We have extensive experience with tests carried out a range of marine engines such as Sulzer, Pielstick, MaK and Wärtsilä.



More efficiency and better performance

  • improved engine resilience & performance
  • increased fuel savings up to 5 %

Less friction and wear

  • Forming a copper-organic compound (COC) only on interacting surfaces

Longer lifetime of components

  • Pro-longed the lifetime of components
  • Pro-longed the lifetime of lubricants
  • Extended engine service intervals

Less environmental impact

  • Lower overall emissions due to above listed arguments